Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Assorted snaps from 2014 Q1. Hard to believe it's already almost April, no? On an unrelated note, Shakira released her tenth (!!) album this week and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I've classified it as peaceful pop. It's fantastic. Here's "Empire."

American Idols

Vogue, Annie Leibovitz

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that for the past few days the internet has been ablaze with disbelief and discontent over Kim and Kanye's April 2014 cover of Vogue. The American Public (i.e. social media) has made its disapproval of our sacred fashion bible's choice of cover subjects clear. While I somewhat understand the controversy, I'm not surprised nor offended by the cover, and I think Kimye are undeserving of most of the ridicule they receive. Whether or not you think they are tacky and tasteless, there is no denying their command over American pop culture and their sheer ability to generate conversation and command attention.

Sure, the Kardashians may come off as self-centered, materialistic, and fame hungry without traditionally recognized talents such as singing or acting. However, if their rapid ascent to fame is any indication, they do have a certain charm about them that makes them intriguing. Also, as we ourselves become increasingly social media obsessive, #selfie taking, oversharing American citizens, I think it's only natural that our celebrities become hyper-accelerated versions of that. Kimye are simply public manifestations of our own behavior. We've created this media monster and it seems that they're here to stay.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cheers to a dreamy 2014!

While I don't get caught up in meaningless "new year, new me" resolutions, I do believe new years provide opportunities for new beginnings and fresh perspectives. For 2014, I do not plan to make any one significant change in my life, but rather to continue building myself into the person I'm meant to be. For me, this means living louder, prouder, and more blissfully. I believe we can all live our dreams each day if we so choose.

And with that, nothing says a new year like new music. Here's what I'm listening to these days.

Cheers to a dreamy 2014.

"Translucent Dream"
1. Birth In Reverse St. Vincent
2. You're Not The One Sky Ferreira
3. Falling  HAIM
4. Disco Love The Saturdays
5. Giving Up The Gun Vampire Weekend
6. Fashion! Lady Gaga
7. Rocket (Morris Edit) Goldfrapp x Spirit Catcher
8. Green Light (Freemasons Club Mix) Beyoncé
9. I'll Get You Classixx feat. Jeppe
10. Shh After School

Sunday, August 18, 2013

An End and a Beginning

Hello internet, because I'm aware of the limited attention spans of anyone who may stumble upon this, I'll promise to keep this introduction as short as possible.

After years in the making (i.e. procrastination), I've finally decided to create a centralized online presence in the form of this blog. As a recently christened 20-something millennial, it seems more than pertinent to have a semi-public internet persona that I wouldn't be embarrassed about my mother finding.

Expect to find photos, essays, and other assorted content that reflects my thoughts and ideas about anything that I consume and/or experience. The premise of this blog, is that there is no premise, but feel free to mentally assign it one if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Really, thanks for reading. Welcome.